The JigDoll Ensemble is coming!

If you have been to a JigDoll gig in the last year you might have heard me mumbling in a non-committal way about having a band version of JigDoll at some point.

Well, it’s happening! And it’s happening really soon! I’m so excited I might pop.

The preview of the brand new ensemble will be happening this weekend at the Manchester Folk Festival! Get your tickets HERE.

And the reason I’m so excited is that I’ve got my dream team of musicians, the kind of people I never thought would ever say yes because they are al so busy and amazing, but they all did! Want to know who they are? Read on!

Cormac Byrne:

If you saw either of the dance pieces I put together for Shrewsbury Folk Festival (Watch them here and here), you will have seen me working with the fantastic Cormac already, he was also one of the mentors when I first put JigDoll together and had a huge influence over the development of the percussion board and my use of percussion in the show. Cormac is an incredible and very in-demand percussionist whose work crosses many genres. You might also have seen him with Seth Lakeman and, more recently, Kefaya music collective.
 am so thrilled to be finally working with him. Prepare for some furious clog and bodhrán offs and bonkers rhythms!

Kate Young:

I first met Kate when we were studying together in Newcastle but, more recently, she was also one of my Songs of Separation buddies. She really is one of a kind. A brilliant fiddle player and jaw dropping singer. She’s also one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and writes the most beautiful music of her own. I’m hoping that eventually a few of her songs might sneak into JigDoll ensemble gigs. We have been wanting to play together for ages but have both been too busy with other projects, so finally it’s happening and I can’t wait. In this ensemble Kate will be bringing rich and very percussive fiddle playing and crunchy vocal harmonies

Marti Tarn:


Marti is an Estonian Bass player who I met through dancing with Ethno In Transit, a band born out of the Ethno music camps I’m always banging on about – Kate was also in it! I also work with him in the wonderful Claudia Schwab Quartet. He is an astonishing bass player and all round amazing musician. He comes from a jazz background (but don’t hold that against him) and is a sought after session musician in Estonia and when he isn’t performing he teaches at the Viljandi Culture Academy. His bass solo in Tuulikki’s tune is a thing to behold!

So there you have it! My new band…. aaaragh! I’m so excited!

I really hope you can some to see us at the weekend but if not, don’t worry, this is just the beginning. We will be working up a whole new set for the summer festivals and for a tour in the autumn – which is already coming together. We will also be doing a bit of filming over the weekend so those who miss it can get an idea. Keep your eyes out for updates on here.

See you soon!
Hannah x