“Those who saw JigDoll at Shrewsbury whitnessed an elegant,
flowing transition between tunes, movement and song.
Loops of accordion melody were left to play by themselves,
augmented by feet-made percussive sounds
that repeated seemingly of their own will.
It was Beautiful and Baffling” – Froots Magazine

“This is a show I could take my non-folky friends to
with complete confidence, and without fear
of it being dismissed as just ‘A good laugh’ at the end.
It’s brilliant, and it needed to happen.” – Tom Kitching


  • ‘Hannah is an incredible musician – a beautiful singer,
    inventive accordionist and her dancing is out of this world.’

    Jon Boden

  • ‘Hannah James is a wonderfully talented, young singer,
    clog dancer and accordion player. She is set for great things.
    Watch this space…’

    Maddy Prior


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